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9/1/08 - Today I added a new version of Compulsive RAT. - BrÜ

10/9/06 - I've been updating this site as much as possible lately, enjoy. - BrÜ

9/12/06 - Today I added my new beta program Stealth Bomber to the programs section. - BrÜ

8/31/06 - Today I updated my AOL Socket and the example for it as well. - BrÜ

8/20/06 - Yup I'm still here, updating the site w00t w00t. - BrÜ

7/14/06 - I just added my BrUMSN Socket V1, example coming soon. - BrÜ

7/12/06 - I just added my new Silent Check 1.0 to the site. I also updated the source section. - BrÜ

7/10/06 - Today I updated MSN Protocol Pimp, and also added a winsock API example. - BrÜ

6/30/06 - Just released MSN Protocol Pimp for the MSN13 protocol, it supports crashing of MSN, Gaim and trillian. - BrÜ

6/6/06 - Added my new IRC example, it covers most of the protocol so if you want to build a client check this out. - BrÜ

6/1/06 - Added my new AOL cracker, Quick Crack 2006 (BETA) to the site. More updates coming soon. - BrÜ

5/29/06 - The CRNet for Y U is currently offline. I am working on a new updated version soon to be released. - BrÜ

5/26/06 - Minor update, added a tutorial and new MySpace example. - BrÜ

5/18/06 - Added some content today. No more updates for a week or so. - BrÜ

5/17/06 - Added the example for my AOL Socket the first control for any AOL protocol. - BrÜ

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